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Internet commerce (e–commerce) as an integral part of electronic business (e – business), allows the visitor to the Internet (the customer) to order products via the Internet. Buying over the Internet may be the quickest and often cheapest way to buy a product. Commerce via the Internet is considered to be the most profitable form of trade due to the simplicity and low cost. Shopping is possible at any time of day or night, you are not restricted only to customers from the neighborhood,and you don’t have to pay for the lease of office space and the things like that. Wherever you are, putting your product on the Internet, allow other Internet users to see your product and if they are thousands of miles away.


trgovinaClassical versus trade on the Internet

Establishing the classic retail chain requires large investments in infrastructure, facilities, employees and accessories. These are enormous investments if it is to sell on a large territory. Organization of Internet retailing is essentially cheaper, considering that the entire physical store replaces an Internet site. Internet shops are experienced its expansion in the US and Europe.

In every business, the highest profit is achieved by those who are ahead of their competition, with internet you can really manage that with a very small amount of money get information very fast.

The advantages of internet shops

blog-05.-imageYour web site, and therefore the trade, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and it is always ready to make contact with your business partners. It is also available to all potential customers and they will always be able to find out everything they need to enter into a business contract or for purchase.

The buyer on the Internet in a simple way can reach all the necessary information about you, your industry, products and services you offer, conditions and manner of ordering and payment, warranty, opportunities to replace the purchased products and the things like that.

It is possible to establish a list of answers to frequently asked questions, all those questions that customers and potential collaborators want to know the answer before you start doing business with you.

Online Shopping Tips

The advantage of the Internet is the change of information’s speed that traditional media cannot keep up. All the information on your site or for example prices in the online store can be changed in a second, making them instantly accessible to all who need the information. None of classic material  has this flexibility. Unlike other media, the internet only offers interactivity. Your users (customers) as on your site or online store to know all about the products (services) of interest to them, they can be ordered directly, by simply filling out a previously designed questionnaire.

When a customer selects all the products that interest him and that he wants to order, he also must has a choice of payment methods. The simplest way is to do it by credit card.

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